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We all dream about owning one of the iconic tuner cars from the '90s like the Mazda RX7 FD or Toyota Supra MKIV; but very few of us ever get to wake up in the morning and step into one of them. We see them as unattainable because of the high price tag and write the idea off as exactly that; an idea.
Alex's love for cars started at a young age since he comes from a family of car enthusiasts. His father, also named Alex, works as a race boat mechanic and in his spare time has built a gnarly Bronco. “Seeing my dad working on motors all the time and still coming home with a smile on his face made me think it was something cool”. Despite all of the American car influence, Alex's first car (after owning a jacked up Ford truck) was a late '90s model Honda Civic. After owning the car for a while and learning more about import cars, he knew it was time to ditch the beater Honda.
“The day I saw my first 300zx, I was about 7 or 8 years old and I was with one of my best friends. Her mom had taken us to one of her friend’s houses and sitting there was a black 300zx 2+0 and I fell in love. I stood behind it and one of the main things I remember is the “300ZX” logo on the center panel. From then on, I loved those cars.” After some searching online, Alex found a worthy Z32 and drove 7 hours to his home town, Miami, Florida to purchase it. What the car looks like today is nothing like how it looked when he bought it though. The car came with some 18” bling-shitty wheels and a massive wing that caused people to mistake his Z for a Toyota Supra.
After months of hard work and plenty of money spent, Alex’s 300ZX is near perfection. It’s sitting pretty on a set of MB Battle wheels sized 18x9.5 +23 with 25mm spacers all around and the car is dropped on its nuts with the help of Megan Racing coilovers. The monstrous growl it produces is due to the Z1 Motorsports race exhaust for the twin turbo application. Alex’s Z sports the N/A motor but we’re the #staticstars not the #shootingstars, anyway.